About Denise

My passion and success over the past seventeen years has come from having lived in six and visited over forty countries around the world. Through my travels I was able to gain great insight and knowledge of business and military culture in an international setting. I have taken these experiences and focused on working with businesses and the military who want to accelerate their effectiveness and sustain organisational vitality. This work is delivered via individual coaching and targeted seminars at the managerial, executive, board and leadership team levels helping facilitate both individual and team learning. 

I have worked with leaders, managers, executives, independent contributors, non-profits, entrepreneurs and military leaders as they deal with performance and competitive challenges in the workplace. More than an Executive and Leadership Coach, I identify and build on existing competencies to create a bridge toward desired personal and professional outcomes and corporate strategic goals.  

Two of my signature strengths for business success are my enthusiastic approach and sense of humour which fuels my determination and drive to help my clients succeed. I am highly motivated by challenging goals and will work tirelessly to help my clients meet their objectives. My energetic focus and presence has helped my clients achieve successful results on many projects both large and small. Keeping momentum going, motivating others and helping my clients remain focused on their end goals are qualities that I bring to every client that I work with.